Sunday Post: Natural Resources

Jake’s theme for this week is natural resources…click here to go to his page, find out about his challenge and have a look at other bloggers’ photos..or maybe join in?

This weeks challenge was hard for me.  I had to look up what Natural Resources are being used here in Indiana. It is amazing to learn about several of these resources that are here in Indiana.

” A region’s natural resources are important to its economy, sustaining jobs and livelihoods. They also have value as cultural and recreational resources, so it is important to support and keep natural resources for the benefit of future generations. In Indiana, this responsibility falls mainly to the Department of Natural Resources (DNR), which manages and conserves the state’s natural resources.”  Read more: List of Natural Resources in Indiana |

  • Timber and Forestry–Indiana has 13 state forests and 85 % of those forestry land is privately owned.  Indiana has two tree nurseries managed by the DNR’s Forestry Division.
  • Gas and Oil–there are about 500 oil fields in the state.
  • Indiana Waterways–mainly used for navigational and recreational purposes, like boating and fishing.
  • Coal–Approximately 70% of local coal production comes from surface mining.

Below is a photo that my cousin put on Pinterest of our grandparents farm.  The windmill, used to pump water into the tank.  Today, the windmill still works, but the well went dry about 5 years ago.

Natural resources.

This windmill and water tank is from my grandparent farm, though they are no longer with us…it is still in the family. This photo was placed on Pinterest by a cousin. I have permission to use.  The windmill was used to run the pump to pump water into the tank for farm use.

Farmland here in Indiana.  This field is soon ready to be harvested.  The field corn will be used to feed farm animals.

Indiana corn field ready soon to be harvested. (Photo first used for Travel Theme: Foliage back in Sept. 2012)

This year, I noticed several home vegetable gardens than in past years.  The struggling economy and poor job outlook could be the main reasons.  Canning your vegetables saves money and usually lasts into the middle of the following planting season.

My cousin’s vegetable garden. I did notice that this year there were more gardens grown in back yards than in the past. It is most likely due to the struggling economy. Home canned items can be used when needed and not have to be bought in the grocery stores.

Come and join in on the fun; the following are the steps to follow.

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8 responses to “Sunday Post: Natural Resources”

  1. Lucid Gypsy says :

    A great post Dana Jo, and if more people are going back to traditional ways to preserve food that has to be good!

    • danajoward says :

      I would be a practical solution for those who don’t have a lot of money or like here in the U.S. those that are on food stamps. It would be a good thing. Thank you very much for stopping by and commenting. I appreciate your feedback! Have a Great Week!! ;)

  2. jakesprinter says :

    Great photography my friend for this week theme , I love your windmill thanks for sharing my friend :)

  3. danajoward says :

    Thanks for the ping back! :)

  4. danajoward says :

    Thank you for the pingback! Have a great week ;)


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