All Night Under The Stars

The night sky

Under The Stars

Closing my eyes, I remember spending time with my family on a blanket, in the dusk of evening–peering up to see sparkling white stars in the vast black-blue sky.  When the moon was very bright we could not see many stars.

Together Under the Stars

Together Under the Stars

On special nights the lights in the house and the television turned off.  You could hear my sis and I giggle as the two of us found our place on the blanket.  Mom was in the middle with my sis on the left and I on the right.  Dad always laid at the top of the blanket in the opposite direction we laid.  Mom would point out the big dipper and dad would point out the small dipper.  My sis always knew where to find the North Star.   Me, well I knew where the stars were sparkling faster than others.

Pointing to the Stars

On A Blanket Under the Stars

One night, a light breeze blew across the lawn, tickling our skin causing ‘goosebumps’ to rise with more giggling from us girls.  No moon with thousands of stars shining above us in the  sky.  This special night, we watched a star sparkle and move–yes, move!  I pointed it out to my dad.  He stated, “it;s a firefly far up in the sky”.   My sis did not agree with his view, she pointed out it was moving in a straight line.  Then, “It disappeared!” I yelled, sitting up on the blanket, breaking my neck to look everywhere in the star clad sky for that moving star.   Mom, being mom said, “It has to be a Satellite moving over us.”  Dad laughed then said, “Your mom reads to many of those mystery books.”  Mom only read ‘Gothic novels‘, nothing science fiction.  Silly dad.

My sis and I were getting into bed when dad shouted for all of us to go out side to look at something strange.  Of course, we as children had to run.  Outside it was still moonless, but there was a strange light blinking in the sky.  “Wow, did you see that?” my sis whispered.  Up in that moonless sky there was a light jumping all over in the sky.  It was close, then far away, over on the east side of the sky, then the west. It was all over the sky.  The lights blinked and changed colors often.  That light danced around in the sky for hours; at least that is what Dad said in the morning.  We fell asleep outside on the blanket looking at the stars.  He and mom stayed outside with us as we slept and they continued to watch that strange light.

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2 responses to “All Night Under The Stars”

  1. SmallHouseBigGarden says :

    What a beautifully told story of that special night with your family. Precious moments, times like that. Really glad you ” pingbacked” me because I now have a new blog to follow! ;)


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